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Handicraft villages in Kim Sơn, Ninh Bình

Handicraft villages in Kim Sơn, Ninh Bình

Talking about handicrafts, we can not forget the villages specializing in producing handicrafts in Kim Sơn, Ninh Bình. In here, there are group of villages staying next to each other, bussinesses mainly make their life by knitting seagrass, water-hyacinth, straw,.. to make delicate products.

From the materials seem to be too simple and can not be used, through the clever hands of these professional craftsmen and women, they become sophisticated, highly-applied items in everyday life. With colorful handbags, sandals, or simply a hat knitted by hand from seagrass or water-hyacinth, they become fashionable items. Moreover, some products usually used in daily family such as shopping bags, various sized box may become lovely make-up box for ladies, and more and more beautiful handmade products for display.

Visiting our traditional handicraft villages in Kim Sơn District one time, you will be able to fully feel the spirit of these products made from clever hands of these people. There is a abundance of models, species and sizes. If you have your own model, or can design your own one, you can bring it here and have one craftman do it for you, it must be surprising!

There are many big bussinesses in Kim Sơn’s handicraft village, namely Vinahandicrafts Limited Company, Vina Kim Long Limited Co.,…are the leading ones in modernizing and integrating into handicraft industry of Vietnam and international market. To develop, the most important philosophies are continuously studying, advancing skills, material to make high-quality and attractive models, meeting the demands in Vietnam and exports.

While the matter of protecting the environment is becoming alarming concerns not only in Vietnam but also in many countries in the world. As a result, friendly materials from nature such as seagrass, water-hyacinth, bamboo, straw, rattan have been used to create lively, highly-applied and attractive products that are welcomed in many developed countries. Compared to plastic products, the lifespan of these handicrafts is long with high-quality for the materials are anti-mildewed.

Handicraft villages in Kim Sơn, Ninh Binh are expanding and becoming more professional to produce the best-quality products, catch up with customers’ taste and export to countries in our area and all over the world.

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