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About Vina Handicrafts Co.,Ldt

About Vina Handicrafts Co.,Ldt

Vina Handicrafts Co.,Ldt,  website vinahandicrafts.com was established in Quang Thien, Kim Sơn District, Ninh Binh Province. With the tradition of producing products from seagrass, water-hyacinth, straw, dirt, litter rattan, … catch up with the demands of the market at present and in the future,Vina Handicrafts Co.,Ldt was born as a result of the historic movement and demands in the market, together contribute to the Modernization and Industrialization of Vietnam.


Công ty tnhh vina handicrafts Việt Nam


Our factory was set up at An Hoa, Kim Sơn Dis., Ninh Binh Province. The distance from the factory to Hai Phong Port is about 130km and about 120km to Hanoi Capital, convinient for transportation.

The scale of the factory is nearly 5000 square meter and create about 50 to 100 jobs. The drying system, depot, fire alarming system are in good condition, protect the safety of workers.


Our company specializes in producing handicrafts from friendly materials such as seagrass, water-hiacynth, straw, rattan, bamboo to serve the demand in Vietnam and export to many developed and developing countries namely Japan, USA, UAE, Korea, Taiwan, China,…. We can provide big-quantity orders from 1000 to 100,000 products according to customers’ requests.

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